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TRUST – easy to say, hard to live by

My personal Mantra is “The universe has my back” and I always considered myself a trusting person – but is that really so?
Now the time has come to see how well I can surrender to what is.

I don’t need to tell you about Corona and its effects, as they are omnipresent as soon as one uses social media. What I can tell you tho is how I handle the fears, the isolation, the financial worries. Because hell yes, I have all of the struggles you have as well.

Let’s be honest – this situation sucks. For everyone. Some are severely affected by illness and some are facing the end of their economic existence and with that dreams are flushed away.
Some are depressed and suffer even more, as they have a flat by themselves and can’t escape the isolation, some are stuck with a violent partner in a tiny flat, some have to decide over who gets help and who doesn’t.
To some extend I have many of those endeavors as well and that’s where I can see how much I have grown and developed.

In hindsight I’ve always had a wrong perception of the term “development”. I thought that, as soon as I have outgrown a pattern, I would no longer feel the challenge, but the truth (for me) is that the way I handle challenges has changed, not the existence of challenge.
Through many years of self-observation I can now see fruitful patterns slowly replacing harmful ones. I can see how my thinking shifted from self destruction to self acceptance and that is what makes all the pain and fear more bearable.
I can now see that the more I avoid all those negative emotions, the more they limit me in letting go of them. As soon as I allow myself to feel those feelings, to accept my weakness in that moment, the easier and faster those feelings shift into a state of ease and trust. It’s called surrender – a big word – but in the end, life is made FOR us and not AGAINST us.

This strange and crazy thing called life often throws situations at us, which we can’t escape and this pandemic is one collective challenge. Besides all the bad effects it has on the economic system and the health sector, as well as for all the high-risk-groups and infected people, it also shows me a lot of beauty. I feel so much closer to strangers, I feel this unity and connection with my human fellas and I know they feel it too. I can see that people are getting creative, fulfilling ideas they have had for ages and that’s what this human experience should be about – creating, fulfilling, feeling, enjoying, loving. I can feel the earth recovering from all the stress human kind has put on it and I can see how all the hectic of everyday life is replaced by doing whatever with awareness, focus (and joy).

As many others I have shifted my business to an online version – you can now yoga with me from all around the world – just look up the schedule on my IG account ulli_lives and hop on your mat.
I also realized that I am now able to spend time by myself and even enjoy it for the most part – this is something yoga has taught me (and no it didn’t happen over night).
In these times especially I am super thankful for my practice, for being able to bring stuff from my mat to my routine and even share it with others.
This crisis also shows me how little is necessary.
We don’t need all the shopping goods, we don’t need to see 5000 people a week, we don’t need dining out and so many more things. All we need is some close contact, some high quality connections, spending time in nature, eating healthy and a lot of self compassion.

If you cannot see those good sides of the crisis right now, that is ok. I can’t always see them either. Whatever you feel right now (or basically ever) is absolutely valid. No feeling is unworthy – there is space for all of it!

I see you.

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