Of beginnings and endings

When was your last time, doing something for the first time?
And when was your first time, doing something for the last time?

The thing with beginnings and endings is that often we don’t even recognise our first times and most certainly we don’t know that our last times are for good. Usually this is not our decision to make, which is why we often miss out on those Special moments.
Of course there are those big milestones in life, one experiences with full awareness, like walking to school for the last time as a student, or having the first ever ride with the car you payed out-of-pocket, but after a few years even those breath taking moments slowly, but surely fade away from our memory. What remains is the sensation of the moment, the emotions we link to it. Those moments are unique and they shall never come back to us, what’s left for us is the sentiment.

The point is that we only have a certain amount of first times in our life and as the years go by, so do the first times. Suddenly we realise that we’ve already experienced most of our first times, without even noticing. We went past that point and didn’t embrace those special events enough that interrupt our day-to-day routine. So there is just that big stone of definite endings ahead of us and we can’t do anything to stop it from rolling towards us.

The good news is, it is in our hands how many more first times there will be in our life and how we will experience them. Let’s start by cherishing every moment a little more, all the first and last times and all in-betweens. Now is the perfect time to start with a more conscious life, where we’re not missing out on any of those special moment, where we give them more meaning and soul and fill them with as much life as possible.

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