The call of the gypsy soul

“If we were meant to live in one place, we would grow roots”. That saying appeared so appropriate to me, like the absolute truth. Still, I couldn’t find the courage it to live my life according to it. At the age of 20 I chose the conservative way of studying law and working for an attorney, but it just never felt as if this life was meant for me.

It took me a few years to reach the Point of complete Desperation, until I realized that I was living someone elses dream and that this was not my purpose. Out of that Impulse I quit everything from one day to the next, sold my furniture, moved out of town and never regretted it ever since.

I still haven’t figured out where or what my final destination is, but I’m curious about the journey, with all it’s ups and downs and about getting to know myself better every single day.

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